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Get our experts’ best NFL bets every week of the 2023/24 season. Our experts analyze their NFL picks and predictions across a whole host of markets to find you their best NFL Bets every week, right here.

Pickswise’s NFL Best Bets went 64-46 for +29.58 Units of profit throughout the 2022/23 NFL Season.

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Sorry, there are no Best Bets available at this time!

Check back later today to find out if any are added, or head over to our picks page for bets on all of today's big matchups.

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At Pickswise our experts put in countless hours of research and analysis every week to bring you free NFL best bets. Although the NFL regular season is just 18 weeks long, there are still 272 regular-season NFL games to decipher, as well as the NFL playoffs, and we bring you free NFL best bets across the slate.

What Is An NFL Best Bet at Pickswise?

Our expert NFL cappers, post their best bets on this week’s NFL games across a whole host of betting markets. Each of our selections on Pickswise is given a confidence rating ranging from 1 to 3 stars, with 3 stars being the most confident, and 1 the least. Our NFL Best Bets page details just that, with our NFL Best Bets on this week’s games.

How Did Pickswise’s NFL Best Bets Perform Last Season?

The expert NFL handicappers at Pickswise saw great success throughout the 2022/23 NFL season and their best bets were no different. We post multiple best bets each week of the season, all accompanied by analysis, data and trends that are all fact-checked by our editors. Check out our 2022/23 NFL Best Bets records below;

2022-23 NFL Best Bets Record
6146+29.58 Units

NFL Best Bets Today

The NFL action comes thick and fast during the season and we cover all of it. The NFL Best Bets page should be your first port of call here at Pickswise alongside the NFL Picks page where you can find the entire catalog of our weekly game previews which combine for a comprehensive view of all of today’s NFL games and best bets. Check back every week for those Monday Night, Thursday Night and Sunday slates’ best NFL picks, all for free.

Best Bets For NFL This Week

The NFL is very much a look-ahead sport, particularly within sports betting. Almost as soon as the previous week’s games are done, oddsmakers and bettors alike are already trying to find the best bets for NFL this week. Here at Pickswise, we’re no different. You can often find great value early in the week and our experts will take an early look ahead every week, and aim to get our best bets for NFL this week posted on-site as soon as possible, to try to lock in those best lines and odds. Be sure to keep an eye on the NFL best bets page every day on game week as our experts continue to highlight those biggest edges and best NFL bets.

Where Should I Bet On Your NFL Best Bets Today

Another important strategy for maximizing your NFL betting success is to make sure you have access to the best odds and lines available across all of the best online sportsbooks.

Alongside our NFL best bets, we also highlight the best odds and lines that the sportsbooks are currently offering. This ensures you’re maximizing your chances of turning a profit over time as every half point or fractional odds difference adds up over time.

Unsure where is best to place your online sports wagers? Or looking to make the most of new player bonuses and promo codes? Be sure to check out our
Online Sportsbook Reviews for expert opinions and analysis of the best sportsbooks available in your state.

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+29.58 Units from 2022/23 NFL Best Bets

When Pickswise tells you that we have an NFL Best Bet, we mean it. In the 2022 season, our team of expert NFL handicappers finished +29.58 units in profit on our three-star plays and we are hungry to provide even more winners this season. We don’t just throw around 3 star plays, all of our cappers and editors meticulously break down each pick and predictions before we put our NFL best bet stamp on it. We often have best bets each week of the season, but tail our expert NFL cappers with confidence this week.

Andrew Wilsher, Pickswise Managing Editor

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NFL Best Bets FAQs

What Is The Best Bet On In The NFL?

There are endless ways in which you can bet on the NFL and the Best Bet is a winning one. The Pickswise Best Bets page is a collation of our expert handicappers’ most confident selections on this week’s NFL games. While we can’t guarantee every bet will win, we have a long-trusted and proven record with our NFL Best Bets which saw a return of +29 units across the 2022/23.

What Are The Best Numbers To Bet For NFL?

The most important numbers to consider when betting on the NFL are 3 and 7. A lot of games in the NFL are decided by one score so when you’re looking at spread lines you must keep Field Goals and Touchdowns at the forefront of your mind, as there is a big difference between -3.5 and -2.5 and -6.5 and -7.5.

How Do I Know What The Best NFL Bets Are

At Pickswise we use a star system to show our cappers’ confidence in that particular pick. All of our Best NFL Bets this week will be 3 stars.

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NFL Best Bets - Best NFL Bets This Week | Pickswise (29)

NFL Best Bets - Best NFL Bets This Week | Pickswise (2024)
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