Pickswise Review 2024: Is Pickswise a Trusted Tipster? (2024)

Overview: What is Pickswise?

Pickswise is a completely free-to-use online tipster service focused on educating and advancing your knowledge of sports betting. Alongside free tips, you’ll find an in-depth analysis of upcoming fixtures, betting calculators, and articles helping you with how to bet effectively.

The web page is simple to navigate, allowing you to filter your search towards your preferred sports by clicking on corresponding tabs from within the header. Once loaded, you’ll find a banner showcasing the latest state-specific promotions, upcoming match-ups, and the very best bets, parlays, and predictions.

Alongside an intuitive site design, Pickswise also offers an immersive mobile experience through a dedicated app. The same features found online have been optimized to suit the smaller screen, allowing you to access picks, predictions, and educational resources on the go.

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Pickwise Highlights

  • Completely free service
  • Wide sports and market coverage
  • Mobile app available

Betting Tipster Breakdown: How does Pickswise work?

Next up in our Pickswise review, we focus on providing you with a closer look at the key areas of this top tipster service. Although many factors come into play, you’ll find an honest look at the current pricing structure, betting availability, the transparency of Pickswise, and much more.

1. How much is Pickswise?

To begin, it is worth noting that Pickswise is free to use. You can receive betting tips covering all types of sports, competitions, leagues, and markets without ever paying a dime. Despite offering a completely free service, we found that the site offered acompletebetting tipster experience that wasn’t too dissimilar to that detailed in ourPicks and Parlays review.

As a matter of fact, Pickswise offers similar in-depth analysis of all betting tips provided, a range of tools to help identify the best bets for you, and the chance to enjoy all of these great tips and picks through a dedicated mobile application.

2. How frequently can you expect to find tips?

It is evident that the popular betting tips platform has forged its foundations on availability. When creating this short Pickswise review, we found tips were available daily, covering everything from collegiate-level football to elite-level soccer and everything in between.

To find betting tips at Pickswise, you can click on relevant sports/league tabs from within the header of the site. Once loaded, you’ll find a stream of upcoming fixtures alongside the chance to check out thebest bets, parlays,andpredictions. After selecting your preferred fixture, you’ll find full analysis and a stream of stats to help back the thoughts of the Pickswise tipsters.

Pickwise works as a top place to pick up tips for outright winners of competitions, too. Already, we have found mentions of March Madness and Super Bowl predictions for the 2024 season.

3. What sports are covered at Pickswise?

Regardless of whether you decide to join a low-limit orhigh-limit betting site, Pickswise has tips for you. We found that all major competitions and leagues are covered, including the NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL. However, you’ll also find a selection ofothersports when clicking on the respective tab. Although not definitive, the list below identifies a few top alternative betting tips available to you at Pickswise.

  • UFC
  • Golf
  • Tennis
  • Horse Racing
  • F1
  • Boxing
  • XFL

Depending on the caliber of your selected fixtures, you’ll find a number of betting tips available. Unlike other top tipsters, we found that Pickswise offered free tips on spreads, moneylines, game totals, and more – something that really helped to confirm that Pickswise is well worth joining.

4. Is Pickswise legit?

When working our way around Pickswise, we found plenty of information surrounding safer gambling and legal gambling in the US. For instance, within the first couple of paragraphs of its terms and conditions, Pickswise states that you must be 21 years old and reiterates that it is your responsibility to confirm sports betting is legal in your jurisdiction before making the most out of their sports betting picks.

Alongside phone numbers and additional information on safer betting practises, Pickswise details how your details are stored, remains transparent about affiliate marketing, and explains the perks of subscribing to the newsletter. Of course, you can also get in contact with Pickswise directly by clicking on theContact Usbutton.

Once selected, you’ll find information on the range of ways you can soon get in touch with the team. Email provides you with the quickest response times; however, you can also send general enquiries through the post.

5. How well does Pickswise engage with its users?

As already briefly discussed, Pickswise is prompt in its approach to customer responses. You can expect an email to be returned within 24 hours and any post to be answered within a solid timeframe, too.

When we look directly at how Pickswise engages with its users, we would say that they are focused ontruesports fans. What we mean by this is that the site provides walls of informative text, covering the ins and outs of all upcoming fixtures.

For some, this will be perfect. However, we also feel that the site doesn’t provide enough variety. After confirmingPromoGuy.us is legit, for example, we then found some interesting infographics and videos that helped break the streams of text into bite-size chunks. In order to appeal to a larger audience, this is perhaps something that Pickswise may wish to consider going forward.

A quick look at Pickswise

Is Pickswise Free?
How much is OddsJam premium?N/A
Activity levelDaily

Pickswise Review 2024: Is Pickswise a Trusted Tipster? (2)

Pickswipe mobile app

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Meet the Pickswise team

Pick and place your bets: Find free tips online or on the go with Pickswise

Now you know exactly how Pickswise works, it is time for us to talk you through the process of finding tips and placing your bets. Fortunately, thanks to the intuitive design of the Pickswise site and mobile app, we suspect you’ll have no trouble following this quick guide.

Visit Pickswise

As soon as you land on the Pickswise web page, you’ll find daily tips and predictions neatly organized, ready for your perusal. You can filter by sport, check out the best bets or computer picks, or simply read the latest analysis.

Download the app

Alternatively, you can look to download the Pickswise app. The 5* reviews speak for themselves. However, you’ll find that you can enjoy all the same perks offered at the desktop site on the go.

Search through the sports tabs

Once you’ve established how you want to make use of Pickswise, it’s time to get serious about these picks. The best tips are placed on the main page; however, a quick click on your preferred sport will soon highlight the latest fixtures and the Pickswise tipsters’ reasons behind their choices.

Build your knowledge

When working your way through the analysis of each betting tip, you’ll begin to build your own understanding of how bets are formed. Complementing this newfound understanding will be a range of educational resources, including a selection of articles and betting calculators.

Check the odds

Many of you will already be signed up to an online sportsbook. When making use of your tips and building your bets, you’ll want to pay close attention to any discrepancies between the suggested tipster odds and available odds at your chosen online bookmaker. Pickswise will showcase the best odds available in the analysis, providing you with enough knowledge to quickly establish whether it is time for you to join another platform. Once you’re happy, it’s time to build your bets, set your stakes, and submit.

Verdict: Is Pickswise worth it?

Pickwise is offering a legitimate online tipster service that can be enjoyed without ever spending a dime. You can access betting tips through the website or via a dedicated app, ensuring that you can pick up the latest tips and picks regardless of your location.

New betting tips are released daily, covering everything from NFL and NBA to F1 and tennis. Supporting each betting tip is an in-depth analysis, odds comparisons, and any promotions that may be eligible. Although Pickswise is primarily focused on offering a completely free-to-use online tipster service, we found that you could also advance your own understanding of sports betting by utilizing the onsite tools, betting calculators, and a range of educational articles.

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Pickwise Highlights

  • Completely free service
  • Wide sports and market coverage
  • Mobile app available

Pickswise Review FAQ

💯Does Pickswise offer tips on a range of sports markets?

When curating our most recent Pickswise review, we found betting tips available on all sorts of sports, competitions, and leagues. You’ll find everything from spreads on the NFL to outright winners of this year’s March Madness.

🌟How often does Pickswise release new tips?

Our latest Pickswise review highlighted a solid selection of sports that had been covered by the tipsters. With this in mind, it should come as no shock to find out that Pickswise releases new tips almost daily.

📱How can I access tips from Pickswise?

Pickswise is free to use and available through the desktop and mobile site. Alternatively, you can check out the latest tips on X (formerly known as Twitter) or download the dedicated mobile app from respective stores.

Pickswise Review 2024: Is Pickswise a Trusted Tipster? (2024)
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